Building and Pest Inspections Burleigh Heads

If you’re looking for a new home in the Burleigh Heads area, make sure to get a pre-purchase pest and building inspection before you sign anything. Many homes may seem perfectly fine at first glance, but a close examination may reveal signs of structural damage or pest infestation. By organising a building and pest inspection in Burleigh Heads, you’ll be making the best possible decision to ensuring that your next home is in perfect condition, and if there are any faults then you will be in a better bargaining position when it comes to negotiating the purchase price.

Being close to the ocean, Burleigh Heads properties are at risk of increased damage due to constant exposure to the salt air. Whether your home is constructed from brick or wood, our inspectors are skilled in examining all building types and are sure to uncover any problems in and around the building, from the instability of the soil to the initial stages of concrete cancer. Following a building and pest inspection in Burleigh Heads, you’ll be presented with documentation of all findings and how best to combat any damage currently present in your property so that you are in a position to plan how to repair damage.

Pest inspections are also important for Burleigh Heads homes in order to extend the longevity of the building’s life. If not conducted regularly, there is increased risk of pests invading the home and infesting rapidly as no counter measures have been undertaken to prevent this. Using state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, the ASAP team will be able to find anything living behind the walls of your home and inform you of how to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Book a building and pest inspection for your Burleigh Heads property by calling 07 3206 0292 or emailing [email protected]