Building and Pest Inspections Currumbin

Before you commit to buying a new property, organise a building and pest inspection. These inspections are designed to give property owners a greater understanding of the building they’re looking to buy, and whether it is in a sellable and liveable condition. With years of industry experience, the ASAP Inspection team are guaranteed to find any faults the building might be hiding, including structural damage and pest infestations.

Conducting regular building and pest inspections in Currumbin is just as important as having one organised before purchasing the property. As homes are exposed to numerous elements, they will inevitably change and disfigure, which can contribute to poor structural integrity over time. If an inspection is not carried out on an annual basis, the accumulated damage to your property may go from a simple fix to an expensive and time-consuming project that leaves the home uninhabitable. With our building and pest inspections, you’ll receive a comprehensive summary detailing every issue found and what potential problems to keep an eye on so that you won’t be caught off-guard in the future.

Frequent pest inspections are particularly crucial in Currumbin with the proximity of the local Wildlife Sanctuary. Pests like termites and rodents pose a serious risk as they can very quickly take over your home and begin cause serious long-term damage. Our qualified professionals have years of industry experience in checking undertaking building and pest inspections in Currumbin, so that local residents can rest assured that if there’s anything to uncover, our team is sure to find it. Book a consultation for your Currumbin property and have a building and pest inspection done as soon as possible to help protect your property.