Building Inspections Brisbane – Ipswich

Is your building in a condition that is going to have it last the longest it is capable of lasting?  Have you made the routine checks and think that everything is in good working order?  This isn’t the best thing to gamble with, and a lot of high cost repairs can come if you overlook potential hazards.  That is why we at A.S.A.P. Building and Pest Inspections take such pride in the work we do.  We are currently offering pre-purchase building inspections Ipswich to assist in the process of finding the answers you need.   We are in the business of looking out for your best interests and making sure that what you initially invested in once upon a time holds its value through the years.


We take a look at all the angles and address all potential problems.  We are able to tell you what is wrong and has potential hazard and the right way to address it.  Our advice will save you money in the long haul, and in the meantime it will allow for a trusting relationship to grow between us.  As a client of A.S.A.P. Building and Pest Inspections we will go out of our way to inform you and walk you through our process so that you can get the most for your money and some comfort to top it off.

Our Values

We believe in our customers and know that without your truth and investment we wouldn’t be able to provide the service that we have put years of hard work into.  We take your property as a very serious item.  We seek to meet your needs and guarantee a service that will accommodate everything you could possibly ask for.  Let’s sit down and discuss what we can do for you.