Affordable Building and Pest Inspection North Brisbane

ASAP Inspections have been providing affordable building and pest inspections in North Brisbane for many years. With house prices on the rise, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you purchase any home.


So why choose ASAP Inspections for your affordable building and pest inspections in North Brisbane?


  1. ASAP Inspections will detect any damage or faults that might be present in the building’s indoor or outdoor structures, meaning you avoid expensive repairs after the purchase has been completed. Knowing exactly what flaws a house has is paramount for price negotiations.
  2. ASAP Inspections will thoroughly examine inside the home and all the outdoor extensions, such as sheds, decking, fencing, driveways, and carports.
  3. A complete termite inspection will be completed so you know exactly what damage has been done to the wood in your house. Termites are particularly common in warm humid climates, so if you’re buying a home in Queensland, a termite check is an absolute must!
  4. Acquiring an affordable building and pest inspection in North Brisbane from ASAP Inspections will allow you to calculate potential repair and insurance costs and enable you to make an informed buyers’ decision.

ASAP Inspections conduct inspections in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast seven days a week. All our inspections receive an in-depth report within 24 hours of the inspection taking place. Whether you’re buying a home, or wanting to check the structure of your current home, ASAP Inspections are the only inspectors you want to trust. Call us today on 07 3206 0292!