Building Inspections Brisbane

Whilst it can be easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of excitement of buying a first home there are some key steps to take before you go jumping in the deep end, such as getting a building inspection in Brisbane. First of all when inspecting any property it is essential that you thoroughly check the property internally and externally for any potential damage, issues and hazards, which may save you plenty of stress, time and money long term.

Building Inspections in Brisbane

There a number of reasons why it is essential to book in a building inspection in Brisbane prior to buying a property:

– To identify is if there are any structural issues or damage that could particularly make the home unsafe or require expensive repairs that could have been avoided or negotiated before the sale.


– Check additional structures and extensions, such as sheds, verandahs and any renovations to ensure there are no major defects.

– Old or potentially faulty electrical wiring could lead to a disaster such as a fire, whilst old plumbing systems may suffer from copper erosion which could be harmful to your health. If you’re not experienced with electrical or plumbing processes, it is essential to get a professional opinion.


– Once all current and potential issues have been identified, it is important to get a calculation of potential repair costs and use this information as part of the decision process, as repair costs could potentially push property out of your budget. By acquiring a professional building inspection in Brisbane, you may have the opportunity to further negotiate before the sale is finalised.


ASAP will examine the following areas as part of our quality building inspections in Brisbane:

External inspections

  • Outside house, brick work, chamfer boards, any walls and stumps – check for rotting wood, buckling of structures, cracks and movement
  •  Fences, gates and retaining walls – check for land movement, wood rot or signs of deterioration
  •  Sheds, garages, verandahs and patios – check for signs of water damage, structure damage and rust
  •  Roofing – check for broken or cracked tiles, rust, fibro roofing, wood rot or any leakages or water damage [subject to height restrictions]
  •  Driveways, garden paths – check for cracks, earth movement and decay

Internal inspections

  • Floors – check timber floors for any looseness, signs of rotting or termites, and check tiles for cracks for signs of movement
  •  Walls – check all walls are straight and look for any cracks/signs of movement, water or termite damage
  •  Ceilings – check for water damage, mould and movement of cornices and skirting boards
  •  Windows & doors – open and close  windows and doors, making sure that everything works, and frames have not moved and there are no broken/cracked glass panes

It’s amazing how many people won’t check for all these vital signs, let alone get a building inspection in Brisbane carried out before making their purchase and then find themselves in hot water not so far down the track. Even if you can’t find anything of concern and you’re ready to buy, skipping this crucial and invaluable steps could lead to a nasty surprise when a very costly, stressful and unexpected issue arises with the property. Whether it’s for the sake of saving a few dollars or because you are in a rush to get things finalized, it’s just not worth it.

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