Building and Pest Inspections Coolangatta

Your house is your castle, and it’s important to make sure it’s consistently fortified with strong structures and free of pests. A pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Coolangatta can unveil any flaws that your home might have. These inspections are ideal for any first-time home buyers who don’t know exactly what to look for in a home and are at increased risk of purchasing a home that has hidden damage or infestation that they aren’t aware of.

Building inspections aren’t just for people looking to new home buyers in Coolangatta, but also for current home owners. As a building ages, its structure can begin to bend and become unstable. This is why an annual building and pest inspection in Coolangatta is crucial in making you aware of any problems as early as possible before they become too serious and costly. Our qualified team will investigate the inside and outside of your property, checking everything from earth movement to cement decay in brickwork.

Pest inspections are another must for Coolangatta residents who want to protect their home from future damage. Rodents and termites like to seek shelter within dry, warm spaces like your home, and can cause significant structural damage by chewing through timber and electrical wiring. The ASAP team are able to examine your entire home for all kinds of pests using thermal imaging technology that will show exactly what’s happening behind the walls. At the end of the inspection, we will advise you of any pests present and how best to remove them before an infestation occurs. Book your building and pest inspection today and keep your Coolangatta home safe.