Building and Timber Pest Inspection Brisbane

Why you need a Building and Timber Pest Inspection

Are you about to purchase a new home? Congratulations! That’s an exciting life step. Before you purchase the home you’ll need to conduct a building and timber pest inspection in Brisbane, to make sure your new investment is structurally sound.

Here’s five reasons why booking a building and timber pest inspection in Brisbane is so important when you’re thinking about purchasing a home.

  1. A building and pest inspection will identify if there are any structural issues or damage that could particularly make the home unsafe or require expensive repairs that could have been avoided or negotiated before the sale.

  2. A good, thorough inspection will also check additional structures and extensions, such as sheds, decks and any renovations to ensure there are no major defects.
  3. Termites can invade even brand new houses so it’s important to make sure your home is termite free to keep the structure sound for as long as possible.
  4. Old or potentially faulty electrical wiring could lead to a disaster such as a fire, whilst old plumbing systems may suffer from copper erosion which could be harmful to your health. If you’re not experienced with electrical or plumbing processes, it is essential to get a professional opinion.
  5. Once all current and potential issues have been identified, it is important to get a calculation of potential repair costs and use this information as part of the decision process, as repair costs could potentially push property out of your budget. By acquiring a professional building inspection in Brisbane, you may have the opportunity to further negotiate before the sale is finalised.

Don’t let your success of buying a home be tainted by failing to get a proper building and timber pest inspection in Brisbane. Call ASAP Inspections on 07 3206 0292 today to learn more about the inspection services they provide and book you building and timber pest inspection in Brisbane now!