Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Surfers Paradise

When you book a pre-purchase building inspection in Surfers Paradise with ASAP we conduct a full property or building inspection, meaning we don’t just inspect the inside and outside of the property, we inspect areas that would normally be overlooked, such as driveways and garden pathways. Driveways and garden pathways are typically overlooked due to their mundane appearance, and separation from the main body of the property. However, when you book a pre-purchase building inspection in Surfers Paradise one of our experienced, professional team members will thoroughly inspect the driveway and garden pathways, as well as everything else on the property.

Considering your needs, the driveway may need to be spacious enough for several cars, smooth enough to not inflict damage on car tyres, and made of sturdy material that won’t crack or splinter. Similarly, the garden pathways will need to be of the same merit. If a garden pathway is poorly kept, your likeliness of maintaining the garden will be diminished. Having a well-groomed garden is a key factor to having a marketable property, so the state of your garden pathway is crucial to cultivating a beautiful garden. At ASAP we understand the impact every feature of a property has on marketability and value, which is why we make sure to thoroughly inspect each element at a pre-purchase building inspection in Surfers Paradise.

Book a consultation with ASAP Building and Inspections for a pre-purchase building inspection by calling us on 07 3206 0292 or emailing [email protected].